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Welcome to Regenerative Cell Institute

Regenerative Medicine in Las Vegas, NV

Regenerative medicine has revolutionized the way we practice medicine as a result of recent advances in biomedical science. With the practice of Stem Cell Therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Regenerative Cell Institute is leading the way! As one of the original innovators of regenerative medicine, Dr. Crispino Santos’ expertise in stem cell therapy procedures, experience, and using the highest quality of regenerative medicine products will provide the most effective treatments for health and wellness.


Stem Cell Therapy

Get better from your medical conditions through stem cell therapy.

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Exosomes PRP Therapy

Allow us to help you with your treatment.

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Spinal & Joint Pain

Helping clients manage spinal & joint pain through various stem cell therapies.

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Regenerative Medicine

Treating a wide variety of medical conditions.

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We Offer

Bioidentical Hormones

Replacing natural body hormones for better health.

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Sexual Wellness Erectile Dysfunction

Addressing erectile dysfunction issues for better sexual health.

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Liposuction & Aesthetics

Helping you achieve a toned and young-looking body.

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Anti-Aging Therapies

Let us help you delay the process of aging.

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Regenerative Cell Institute specializes in minimally invasive stem cell therapy for a variety of orthopedic and degenerative medical conditions, including pain management, joint pain, spinal pain, auto-immune diseases, neurological conditions, aesthetics, and sexual wellness. Using the most advanced stem cell extraction methods, proprietary concentration techniques, and fluoroscopic guided injection, we deliver the most precisely targeted, highest concentration of stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to achieve optimal results.

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